2008 to Early 2016 Videos
Weird & Revered: Serious Business Mixtape

2016 street mixtape filmed in Alberta and Montana. 

FILMING: Justin Schwanke, Thomas Henderson, Jesse Baraniuk, Duke Thomson-Kurz, Logan Kirzinger, Colin Reimer, Zac Friesen, Constanze Angeli
EDITING: Justin Schwanke

Weird & Revered - Indoor Refuge

This video is a collection of winter footage from the crew. We hope it offers the sizzling Southern beach dweller a glimpse into life in the Great White North. From our frozen prairies and heated buildings to you, we present Indoor Refuge. Stay weird, but most of all stay warm. 

FILMING: Justin Schwanke, Jesse Baraniuk, Thomas Henderson, Logan Kirzinger, Duke Thomson-Kurz, Colin Reimer
EDITING: Justin Schwanke

Accompanying article here: Life in the Great White North

Weird & Revered: At Home with Justin Schwanke

Backyard bike riding in rural Alberta.
Read the full story here: digbmx.com/dig-this/is-bmx-art

FILMING & EDITING: Justin Schwanke

Weird & Revered: Total Nonsense Mixtape

Peculiar skatepark stunts filmed across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Montana. 

FILMING: Justin Schwanke, Jesse Baraniuk, Thomas Henderson, Ted Bambrick, Brodie Gwilliam, and Joe Weidman
EDITING: Justin Schwanke

Weird & Revered: Vagabundos en España

Bike riding and B-Roll captured antics from the BMX mecca that is Barcelona.

FILMING: Justin Schwanke, Freddy Heling, Marc Mosquera, Brayan Torres, Karamo Saidy, and Jose Espinal
EDITING: Justin Schwanke

Weird & Revered: Country Livin'

"Growing up in rural Alberta all of my life, riding back in the day was a much different experience than it is now. As a kid without a car, there weren’t many people to ride with and there wasn’t much to ride. Living in the middle of nowhere meant you had to make your own spots and your own set-ups. When I was young and before I had ramps, I spent a lot of time pedaling around on country roads looking for 'spots.' Hardly considered spots by popular standards, these places to ride were as simplistic as could be. One might be a ditch that was smooth enough to jump or another might be a shed to use as a drop. Often you would have to modify the spot with some plywood or shovel work to make it rideable. As unconventional as the set-up may be, it was always what you did with it that mattered most. And naturally, the more creative you got the more entertaining it could be. 

Inspired by my buddy, Brodie Gwilliam of Bush League fame (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhhrZ...), I felt the need to return to this period of my BMX experience. I wanted to make a video chalked full of my own 'country spots.' I pedalled and drove around to search for places with potential. Some spots needed a lot of work and others were ready to be ridden. I think I put the most effort into that trailer I found at 0:25. I had to clean all of the junk off of it, cut down a bunch of trees, and make some trails so you could pedal on the grass. Once I had a list of spots and had some of the modifications done, I hit up my friend Colin Reimer to join me. We filmed most of this video in the spring before Colin left for a work term in France and I left to go travel myself. Tyler Steckly came along on some sessions to film and goof around. I don’t think we spent more than 7 days filming and all of the spots were within a 10 km radius of my house. We had a ton of fun making this video and I hope it shows. Enjoy!” -Justin Schwanke

FILMING: Colin Reimer, Justin Schwanke, Tyler Steckly, Austin Schwanke

EDITING: Justin Schwanke

Weird & Revered: Island Boys

10 days of adventuring and biking on Oahu and the Big Island. 

FILMING: Justin Schwanke & Thomas Henderson
EDITING: Justin Schwanke

Weird & Revered at FISE World Edmonton

The Edmonton stop of the 2016 FISE World Series was held September 16th to 18th in Hawrelak Park. This video features event highlights including slopestyle mountain biking, BMX park, BMX flatland, and skateboarding. 

FILMING & EDITING: Justin Schwanke
MUSIC CREDIT: De La Soul - Breakadawn AND Held Down

Weird & Revered: Electrocoaster

"For a while now I've wanted to create a BMX film with an electronic or light focused theme. I thought this would offer a fresh way to challenge my editing skills. Over the past couple of years I've been filming B-Roll to fit with the concept. Most of the footage was collected in a random Air BNB in Zagreb, Croatia. There were many elaborate looking lights in the apartment that offered a lot of creative potential. I spent a couple hours one evening playing with my camera and thinking of interesting ways to capture the warm toned hues. Aside from that, the rest of the B-Roll was filmed in California (ex. Santa Monica Pier) or at home here in Alberta. From a riding standpoint, I figured I would utilize the more obscure freecoaster clips I've collected throughout 2016. The end result is Electrocoaster. Special thanks to Jesse Baraniuk, Duke Thomson-Kurz, and Thomas Henderson for helping film most of the riding. Their patience and skill behind the lens is appreciated as always." -Justin Schwanke

FILMING: Jesse Baraniuk, Duke Thomson-Kurz, Thomas Henderson, and Justin Schwanke
EDITING: Justin Schwanke

Weird & Revered: FIENDING 4 FUN Mixtape

BMX riding and B-Roll captured antics from Alberta, California, and Washington D.C. Filmed from June 2015 to March 2016. 

FILMING: Justin Schwanke, Jesse Baraniuk, Aleeya Velji, Thomas Henderson, Logan Kirzinger, Dominic Ennamorato, Natalia Chiles, and Cody Nisbet
EDITING: Justin Schwanke

Weird & Revered x Bad 4 Life = Weird 4 Life

Weird & Revered and Bad 4 Life join forces to perform silly bicycle maneuvers in the heart of the Canadian Prairies. 
FILMING: Brodie Gwilliam and Justin Schwanke
EDITING: Brodie Gwilliam

Weird & Revered: 6 Wheels

Weird & Revered is an adamant supporter of equality as indicated in this cinematic production. Say no to discrimination.

FILMING: Justin Schwanke
EDITING: Justin Schwanke

Weird & Revered: The Thaw

Indoor BMX riding in the Great White North. 

2008 to Early 2016 Videos
2008 to Early 2016 Videos

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