Weird & Revered is a collective of BMX riders and eclectic characters from Edmonton and beyond. We are a crew that is driven by creative energy and positive vibes. Our objectives are simple:
1) To document our passions in the form of videography, photography, and writing, and
2) To inspire others to embrace the unconventional.
Browse our work, get stoked, stay weird, and connect with us. 

WEIRD & REVERED presents “Vagabond Squad”
A full length BMX film 3 years in the making...

Official Trailer Here.

Purchase a DVD here.

To Purchase a Digital Download:
1) Email with the request.
2) We will send you an invoice.
3) Pay the invoice by e-transfer or paypal.
4) We will send you a link to the film.

Featured Shops stocking the DVD: House of Wheels (Edmonton, AB), Mud Sweat and Gears (Edmonton, AB), B-Line Bike Park (Calgary, AB), Rock Bay BMX (Victoria, BC), Let’s Roast Cycles (Chicago, IL), Powers Bike Shop (Richmond, VA), and DIG BMX (Europe). more to come. Videos will ship on Monday May 13 and be available sometime after that.